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50 Inch Touch Screen Vending Machine

50 Inch Touch Screen Vending Machine

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touch screen vending machine'>50 inch touch screen vending machine
Yogurt vending machine, milk vending machine
smart vending machine

Size: 1850*1085*800mm
Net Weight: 330kg
Voltage: 220+10%(-15%) V
Currency: 1.5A, Refrigeration: 3.5A
Capacity of goods: 6 trays, 36 selections 432pcs (could be adjusted according to customers' requirements)
Freezing Medium&intake: R134a, 265g
Cooling temperature: Ambient temperature: ≤32ºC, average temperature: A/B/C≤15ºC±2, D/E/F≤4ºC±2
Touch Screen Size: 50 Inch
Touch Screen Brand: LG

Danfoss(Secop) compressor
LED Light
Drop sensor
Stainless steel keypad
Its tray can be pulled out with 90 degree door opening
Conveyor belt goods delivery and elevator system are optional

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