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Hot Drinks Vending Machine are Incomparable to anything else

Author:Wayne Date:2012/8/6 10:56:06

Drink Vending Machines are now available all over the world. Its effectiveness and timely action has made it quite famous among kids. In this generation almost all teenagers have used the vending machines. If you are yet to discover the vending machines, then this article is a must read for you. Many a time we have crossed Drink Vending Machines in the malls and yet we didn’t find to slip in and try the machine ourselves. The vending machines are simple coin insertion machines which are almost easy to operate.
Vending machines usually dispense out gumballs, snacks and hot drinks. Nowadays vending machines have found their mark in automatic retailing as well. Vending machines have become famous everywhere be it gas stations, cinemas or even busy market places. Illegal practices are usually not seen in vending machines as they have an interesting characteristic that distinguishes itself from the others. The drink vending machines are very heavy and not that easy to manipulate.
Due to the intensive gravitational pull, the vending machines are aptly fixed to the ground. In case of any theft, the vending machine just topples over rendering the criminal to at least have a broken leg. Thus, vending machines are not prone to illegal transfer or are easy to steal. Safety and efficiency are the two important characteristics one can see in a vending machine. Vending machines aren’t too costly hence they have found a way in the field of automatic retailing. Favourite vending machines are gum ball, snacks and hot drinks vending machines.
Hot drink vending machines can be differentiated in many ways in the form of standard as well as customized models. Coffee Vending Machines, Fresh milk vending machines and single option vending machines are types of hot drink vending machines. For hot drinks vending machines are mainly categorized for their flushing action, hot water option and control by microprocessors. Hot drinks vending machines can be differentiated in the following:
o Two Selection Vending Machines- The two selection vending machines makes it possible to deliver two separate beverages of different blends at the same time. Its weight is almost twenty kilograms. It has a water capacity of twenty three litres. It has got four counters and consists of only two canisters.
o Four selection Vending Machines- The four selection vending machines are the most famous vending machines across the globe. It is not only used in market places but also its efficiency has made it to land up in hospitals as well. It has got twelve counters and it has weight of 32 kilograms. It can deliver at most eight cups per minute.
o Eight Selection Vending Machines-These are also known as a combo vending machine. They have the capacity of twenty four litres and it has got nine counters. It dispenses out tea and coffee into separate sections- small, normal and large.
o Espresso Coffee Vending Machines- High pressure frothing action, adjustable hot water, Coffee instant powder, Sugar and steam burner and in-built sugar canister make all the more profitable for both consumer and the owner.

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