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Role of Vending Machines in Education Institutes

Author:Wayne Date:2012/9/15 21:15:05

Technology has helped us a lot in almost everything, starting from household work to official work, even reaching us in our education system too. Technology has always helped us in saving the time and Vending Machine is one more time saving gift to us by the technology. Vending machines helps in dispensing a great variety of items automatically. Once the consumer inserts payment in any mode via credit card or liquid cash, the product is obtained from the machine. The product varies from alcohol, soft drinks, lottery tickets, beverages, chocolates, movie tickets, and food items and so on.
Vending machine offers a lot of advantage to their users and has become must in almost every business house and now days in educational institutes too. It is the easiest and most comfortable option available to students to receive their choice of food throughout the time while they are in school. From a wide range of offered goods they can choose stuffs from snacks, cold drinks, water, chocolates etc. Consuming water at a regular interval of time is must for adults to children and having a vending machine in an educational institute is definitely a brilliant idea. Frequent meal with a small gap is again beneficial for the growth of growing children, so definitely vending machines in a school or college are helpful. This think should be kept in mind that by drinks or the snacks served by them are healthy and beneficial for the students. They remove the problem of crowding the food counters and serve the desired food faster. It is also helpful to emerge the financial condition of the educational institute but on the condition that the food served is healthier for students.
The availability of hot food also gives the sense of satisfaction among the parents as fresh food is always demanded by the parents and vending machine completely satisfies this willingness. The yoghurts, sandwiches, a small meal pack etc could be served by it.
Although it is all time favorites but it also come with many disadvantages and this is the reasons that few of the institutes are under the process to remove them. The reasons behind them are very genuine and common. The food obtained from it often calls for health hazards such as obesity, wrong food habits, teeth decay etc. But after measuring the pros and cons we could simply say that removing anything due to few disadvantages will be a foolish step as the advantages are more comparatively. We can simply remove this problem by adding more nutritious food in the list of the offered items. Nutrition’s can be added to drinks in the form of milk shakes, chocolates with more cereals, chips and other food items with less fat.
There are several factors which need to be considered while selecting the perfect vending machine for an educational institute. Placement at the perfect place which will not create any hazards in the education centers is must before placing them. Many of the institutes have imposed restrictions about the choice of food items for the students of different levels. Many of the institutes have arrested the sale of carbonated drinks and had been asked to sell drinks with milk and fruits only.

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